Double drawstring


This bag is closed using the 2 drawstrings that come in different colours so they are easy to identify. The flexibility of the drawstring and the bottom gusset means that the bag can take on the shape of the product inside and can be displayed upright on shelves. This packaging is available in polyethylene or polypropylene.

Ref. Description Size WxD * in mm pieces by sales unit price by sales unit Quantity
12 - 45 - 910 - 14 ≥ 15
Ref. ITM021101 - Drawstring Clear PE 50µ
ITM021101Drawstring Clear PE 50µ100X150 + 201000 £75.56£71.78£64.23£52.89£45.34
Ref. ITM021102 - Drawstring Clear PE 50µ
ITM021102Drawstring Clear PE 50µ150X210 + 201000 £89.43£84.96£76.02£62.60£53.66
Ref. ITM021108 - Drawstring Clear PE 50µ
ITM021108Drawstring Clear PE 50µ180X2501000 £110.45£104.93£93.88£77.32£66.27
Ref. ITM021109 - Drawstring Clear PE 50µ
ITM021109Drawstring Clear PE 50µ250X3701000 £128.27£121.86£109.03£89.79£76.96
Ref. ITM021103 - Drawstring Clear PE 50µ
ITM021103Drawstring Clear PE 50µ250X370 + 201000 £135.02£128.27£114.77£94.51£81.01
Ref. ITM021104 - Drawstring Clear PE 50µ
ITM021104Drawstring Clear PE 50µ300X450 + 201000 £196.75£186.91£167.24£137.73£118.05

* WidthxDepth in millimeter